Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Mind the Fungi WALK & TALK #3

Briesetal | 28 September, 2019 (Day Excursion)
Lab excursion, TU Berlin | 1 October, 2019 

Artist Theresa Schubert led the Walk an Talk offering diverse perspectives on the forest and its cultural meaning. Together with biotechnologists from the Institute for Biotechnology | TU Berlin she  guided us through the forest of Briesetal in search of tree mushrooms. This Walk and Talk forms part of a research project combining cutting edge biotechnological research, citizen science and artistic research.

Carsten Pohl from TU Berlin showed participants how to collect samples of fungi and preserve them for further study and cultivation. At a follow-up lab at the Dept. of Applied and Molecular Microbiology | TU Berlin on 1 October, participants were shown how to inoculate Petri dishes with samples for cultivation with the help of TU Biotechnologists Bertram Schmidt and Tom Morris.

In cooperation with the TU Berlin Institute for Biotechnology

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