Monday, December 19, 2011

Fundraising for Controlling_Connectivity the book:

The Project
Controlling_Connectivity was an art project by artist Gretta Louw, which used the pervasiveness of internet-based social networking, and the obligation as well as the opportunity for constant connection with these platforms as a paradigm for a severe and systematic disruption of normal, socially accepted patterns of life and interpersonal interaction during a self-documented performance. Taking to its natural extreme the notion that new technologies are increasingly dictating our social interaction, professional life, and have a far reaching effect on many other aspects of daily life, Louw completed a durational performance as she lived in the gallery space in complete isolation except for contact through various social networking sites on the internet.

For 10 days the artist was available 24 hr/day for discussions, emails, comments, or interviews - of both private and professional nature - for any internet user wishing to take part in the project. All necessary supplies were stored within the gallery and the windows were blacked out to ensure that the environment was not normalised by natural light or the social rhythms outside, but defined purely by the internet connection to external participants."
(Text from Art Laboratory Berlin)

Following the conclusion of the performance a solo exhibition in the gallery space, Art Laboratory Berlin, curated by Christian de Lutz and Regine Rapp, was installed. The new video, sound, and installation works are based on documentation from the performance and examine issues around societal and cultural change as a result of the development of internet technologies, as well as the increasing psychological pressure on individuals that result.

The Publication
The book brings together documentation of the project - images from the performance and the exhibition, as well as text contributions from participants and discussions with the artist - in a comprehensive analogue overview. The project is contextualised by critical essays from the curators Christian de Lutz and Regine Rapp, who examine the art historical context and contribution. Interviews with the artist provide insight into the internal, mental changes brought about by the project, as well as highlighting some of the most memorable experiences. Theoretical texts from art and media theorists, such as Dr Leon Tan, expand the relevance of the book as a significant assessment of where we as a society stand in relation to the internet and how these radical technological advancements are silently shaping us. Printed on high quality semi gloss paper (170 gsm), the limited edition book comes with a DVD video piece comprising edited screen recordings from conversations, interviews, and discussions recorded during the performance. Addressing topics from Performance Art to internet addiction, the potential of technological advancement to alter our perception of time and reality, and the ways in which the internet affects communication, relationships, and thereby even perhaps identity itself, the video piece is a fascinating record of current thoughts around the internet and its psychological, cultural, and sociological consequences.

Funding Needed
Funding is required primarily for the material and printing costs to produce the book and DVD. However it is also important to me to offer some remuneration to the writers for their efforts and skill.

'I would greatly appreciate your support to get this record of the
Controlling_Connectivity project published. I believe this is not only an important conclusion to this project, in order to have a comprehensive, analogue record of a predominantly digital project, but also that it is a significant document of many different perspectives and theories around the dramatic impact of internet technologies - something that is at the very crux of the Information Age zeitgeist.'
- Gretta Louw

Pre-order the limited edition, signed and numbered artist's book incl. DVD and shipping with a donation of US$30. Or, even better, become a sponsor of the publication, or order yourself a high quality digital print from the project. Go to

Further Details

For more information about the project and to see some existing documentation, visit:
More video documentation from the performance can be viewed here:

The performance and exhibition part of the project was made possible by the generous support of the Karin Abt-Straubinger Stiftung.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Opening of Gretta Louw's Exhibition Controlling_Connectivity on 25 November, 2011

all photos courtesy Art Laboratory Berlin

Friday, December 02, 2011

Art Laboratory Berlin recommends:

THIS IS US! - Local and Global
(Fundraising event, 16:00 to 20:00, 4th December 2011)
A Fundraising event organised by Norma Wright with the able Assistance of Floyd Brothers in co-operation with:

Protestant Faith Fellowship - Pentecostal Church of Berlin e.V
Clear Blue Water e.V
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy e.V
Reachout e.V
StreetuniverCity e.V

Fund Concept

The situation in Berlin has lingered for too long and as such our treasured artists and entertainers are now at the point in which they required structured financial assistance in its various forms.

The mission of the fund is to support artists (in all genres) in financially difficult situations:

Death of family member/s, illness, inability to work, pay insurances, security deposit of apartment, key deposits etc.

It is hoped that this fund will develop into a ‘credit union’ that will empower, support and advise artists further to open businesses and create self-employment.

The fund raising event is to get a fund started on a good footing.


Event Program

Some of the finest poets and musicians will be performing during a most interesting; thought stimulating; conversational; musical and last and not least a convivial atmosphere - radiating good vibes.

So please join us in this very practical endeavour on the 4th December 2011 (16:00 to 20:00) and please, please, please bring a friend.

Artists performing:

Eb Davis. Lenjes Robinson. Kat Baloun, Moses, Jeannine Mayani, Dr Drob, Jerome Gammon, David Dibiah, Allistair Noon, Ben Porter Lewis, Darnell Summers, Gordon Gatherer. Rasidii Graffiti,Anthony Baggette,Alex Rapp, Gary Wiggns,Phil Henderson, Mike Watt, Mc Jabber, Joe Di Carlo lionel Haas, Delia Miles, Constance Gertig, Gee, Aliya Williams (11 years) and more

Hour: 16:00 to 20:00

Date: 4th December 2011

Venue: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Kurf├╝rstendamm 207-8, Ku'damm (3rd floor Hochhaus)

Contact: Norma Wright - normw57 @googlemail .com