Friday, January 20, 2017

Art Laboratory Berlin's upcoming events for January & February 2017

Part of the Vorspiel programme of the transmediale and CTM 2017

SciArt Café with BIOMOD and iGEM Team Berlin

29 January, 2017 3-6PM

The iGEM Berlin team ( presents their fifth SciArt Café. Under the main theme of "Synthetic Biology - a toolkit for solving humanity's problems" we will hear scientists and artists working with bioscience and afterwards discuss topics of synthetic biology.
1. Nikolaj Koch - Introduction into SynBio, iGEM Berlin 15-17, Using Synthetic Biology to clean our water from microplastics
2. Svenja Nierwetberg -Searching for parasites - Using synthetic biology for diagnostics (iGEM Charité)
3. Prof. Vera Meyer - Fungal Bioart : Combining scientific and artistic approaches in microbiology
4. plus additional talks on biology and the arts

17 Feb. 7-10PM
18 Feb. 12PM-8PM
19 Feb. 12PM-6PM

A DIYBio faire Organized by Biotinkering Berlin
The three-day bio-fair brings together the players in the Berlin biohacking scene for a series of hands-on workshops, talks and a special exhibition featuring unique DIY laboratory equipment. The bio-fair focuses on the elusiveness of nature, trying to rebuild the lost connection between humans and the oldest organisms on Earth: bacteria, algae and fungi.
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Mycelium Network Society
February 24,2017
Art Laboratory Berlin will be taking part in the discussions at the opening event of the Mycelium Network Society (part of transmediale ever elusive).
silent green Kulturquartier
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin

Next Exhibition:

Nonhuman Subjectivities: Under-Mine.

Alinta Krauth

Under Mine, Interactive video installation, Stills from animation, 2017

Vernissage: Saturday 25 February, 2017
Artist talk on 26 February, 2017 at 3PM
Exhibition runs 26 February- 2 March, 2017, Fri -Sun 2-6PM and by appointment

The exhibition project investigates the problematics and possibilities of communicating nonhuman perception through the interface of artistic practice and new technologies. By means of interactive and non-interactive video that use generative and time-based techniques the artist considers potential narratives of animals under threat from climate change.
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