Saturday, May 28, 2016

Opening: On Animals. Cognition. Senses. Play

The exhibition On Animals. Cognition, Senses, Play investigates two groups of animals that are closest to us. Primates, our nearest 'relatives', have a complex cognitive proximity to humans, but also differ radically in certain areas. While dogs, with whom we have made a symbiotic contract., have evolved alongside us over the last 30,000 years. The works in this exhibition share Donna Haraway's concept of "cooperative actions": overcoming conventional dichotomies of nature/culture, human/animal or subject/object is all about joint action. The artists, Maja Smrekar and Rachel Mayeri, make use of certain narrative strategies and the phenomenon of immersion, to approach the perspective of a nonhuman counterpart. The works of both artists place the instinct and the senses of the nonhuman at the centre of artistic research, while aiming to translate the nonhuman cognitive ability by means of the performance, film and art/science collaboration.

Background details of Maja Smrekar's installation Ecce Canis, 2014

Curators' introduction. Background Rachel Mayeri, Baboons as Friends, 2007

Maja Smrekar, I Hunt Nature, Culture Hunts Me, 2014

Rachel Mayer, Apes as Family, 2011

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