Thursday, September 24, 2015

PROSTHESES. Transhuman Life Forms// Susanna Hertrich / opening on 25 September, 2015

PROSTHESES. Transhuman Life Forms
Susanna Hertrich
Opening: 25 September, 2015 8PM
Panel discussion with Susanna Hertrich & guests: 6 November, 2015
Exhibition runs: 26 September – 29 November, 2015

The exhibition explores the phenomenon of the prosthesis as bodily extension in the 21st century. Exploring new technologies and recent developments in neuroscience and biology, Susanna Hertrich proposes new transhuman sensory extensions of what may eventually become 'human 2.0'. The exhibited works are part of her long-term artistic research project Bodies & Technology. In Susanna Hertrich's work a narration is constructed in which the human sensory apparatus is extended through computer controlled prostheses. The results can be understood as crossing the boundaries between artistic hypothesis and technological experimentation. The artworks reflect our current living environments, as well as critically question the social, political and physical consequences of the new technologies utilised in their making.?

The series Prostheses for Instincts explores the idea that by augmenting our natural sensory experiences we can widen the range of our perceptions. In doing so, Hertrich has created new mechanisms for surviving in a changing world. For example, Jacobson's Fabulous Olfactometer (JFO), a device worn on the head and face, is a sensorial prosthesis that mimics mammalian "flehmen response" when air pollution levels become too high. In short, when the device detects a dangerous level of pollution the prosthesis curls back the wearer's top lip, exposing her teeth, mimicking a reflex common, for instance, in horses or cats. The JFO simultaneously refers to a common, but often invisible 21st century threat and a biologically programmed reaction to danger in the animal world.

Next to Hertrich's works Art Laboratory Berlin will showcase a prize winning film on Neil Harbisson and the Cyborg Foundation by Rafel Duran.

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