Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Art Laboratory Berlin concludes the Time and Technology series with a panel at the conference:
Mutamorphosis. A Tribute to Uncertainty in Prague (6-8 December)

The Time and Technology series concludes with a panel at the

7 December 11.00-13.00
Time and Technology
Attractors: Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz

Gretta Louw  Controlling_Connectivity
Daniel Belasco Rogers & Sophia New Narrating Our Lines
Ellen Sebring Atmosphere: Disorientation in Visual Narrative as a Time Traveler’s Tool
Yasuhiro Sakamoto Sound Sculptures as Embodiment of Cross-modal Gesamtgestalt

Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz: Technological developments over the past 25 years have altered our lives. The computer, its graphic user interface (GUI), the internet, mobile telephones have revolutionized work, leisure and communication. How has this effected our sense of time? On one hand new technologies make communication cheaper and more efficient. On the other hand working hours have increased, and the line between work and leisure blurred. New genetics is altering the speed of evolution. Computers function in time spans incomprehensible to us. The market place demands more productivity in shorter periods; while medicine promises to expand our life span. How exactly are these technological advances influencing our sense(s) of time? How have technological changes over the last 25 years changed and influenced our perception of time, how we structure our time, plan our days, and live our lives? Do these changes alter our biology? What are the conflicts between different ‘types of time:’ biological, subjective, objective, social, etc.? What is the contemporary connection between time and space – actual space, virtual space vs. actual time and virtual time? Methodology: By combining scientific and scholarly papers (science and humanities) together with presentations by media artists – targeting the intersection & serendipitous overlapping momentum of ‘time & technology’ in our current society – , we are looking for(ward to) a sustainable synergy between theory and practice.

Mutamorphosis. A Tribute to Uncertainty is presented by CIANT

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