Thursday, September 20, 2018

Preparing for 'Strange Encounters with Vegetal Others'

Slovenian artist Špela Petrič approaches art production with a background in Hybrid Arts as well as a PhD in Biochemistry. These dual epistemological approaches inform her work with the Plant Kingdom as part of a multi-species collaboration exploring the ontologies, methodologies, ethics and practices of care involved in our relationship to the vegetal. Her first solo show in Berlin will give an insight into her multi-species endeavour.

The green kingdom, upon which we depend for our very survival, functions on a radically different biological basis from us: seemingly inert, literally vegetative and endowed with unexplored forms of intelligence. Yet science reveals an intricate world of mysterious chemical conversations, interspecies networks and non-centralised operations alien from our own existence. Through her work Petrič proposes novel modes of human-plant communication, intercognition and exchange. 

Strange Encounters with Vegetal Others
Špela Petrič

Opening: 21 September 2018
Workshop (registration necessary: ): 22 September 2018, 1-6PM
Exhibition runs 22 September - 18 November 2018
Fri- Sun, 2-6 pm and by appointment

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