Saturday, September 22, 2018

Opening: Strange Encounters with Vegetal Others Špela Petrič

Slovenian artist Špela Petrič approaches art production with a background in Hybrid Arts as well as a PhD in Biochemistry. These dual epistemological approaches inform her work with the Plant Kingdom as part of a multi-species collaboration exploring the ontologies, methodologies, ethics and practices of care involved in our relationship to the vegetal. Her first solo show in Berlin will give an insight into her multi-species endeavour.

Plants Sex Consultancy - Špela Petrič, Pei Ying Lin, Dimitris Stamatis and Jasmina Weiss

Plant Sex Consultancy - Photo by Miha Tursič

Strange Encounters: Metaühysics. Algae and Carcinoma. Photo by Miha Tursič

Photo by Miha Tursič

Photo by Miha Tursič

Photo by Miha Tursič

Background: Skotopoeisis - Špela Petrič, Photo by Miha Tursič

Photos by Art Laboratory Berlin unless otherwise noted.

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