Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Maja Smrekar awarded Golden Nica for 'K-9 Typologies'

Art Laboratory Berlin congratulates Maja Smrekar and her many collaborators (especially Byron and Ada)  for winning this year's Golden Nica for Hybrid Arts

Installation view K-9 Typologies from On Animals. Cognitions, Senses, Play in 2016

Parts of her K-9 Typologies series were included in last year's exhibition at Art Laboratory Berlin On Animals. Cognition, Senses, Play as part of our ongoing Nonhuman Subjectivities programme.


Additionally we would like to congratulate the other winners that include Honorable Mentions to Guy Ben-Ary and his team for cellF, which Art Laboratory Berlin recently worked on presenting at HKW in cooperation with CTM and HKW.

Alexandra Toland, Mapping the Grind Mill from [macro]biologies I. the biosphere in 2014

And special congratulations to Alexandra Toland, with whom we have worked on several project over the past few years, for an Honorable Mention for her work Dust Blooms: a research narrative in artistic ecology

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