Monday, February 01, 2016

Book launch and presentation by Rüdiger Trojok: Biohacking – Gentechnologie für alle

In the last several years a global movement of citizen scientists has developed with modern biology as a particular focus: their work has become known as biohacking. This book serves all those interested in this topic as well as beginners by offering a basic understanding of the world from a molecular biological perspective: Starting with the beginnings of life, the course of evolution is explained in broad terms, according to present knowledge. Theroretical knowledge is applied through practical examples: life can be programmed. Using advanced software, Synthetic Biology rewrites the digital code of life.

Subsequently a public debate has opened on how to deal meaningfully with this knowledge and the resulting technical possibilities. The modern understanding of life and deeper possibilities of intervention will, in principle, change the relationship between man and nature. Laboratories will soon be miniaturised computer chips, which can be used locally anywhere. Genetic databases will then represent the most important resource - but what are the limits of this global synthetic biology? Citizen scientists now pose the question of who can use the generally available knowledge of modern biological sciences, and for what purposes.

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