Monday, October 14, 2019

Local Area Network (LAN). Workshop with Martin Howse

13 Oct and 10 Nov 2019, 11AM-6PM

Local Area Network (LAN) open workshop is a collective, speculative investigation of local fields/particles, and energetic exchanges, towards the hacking and re-routing of energy flows and networks at all stacked levels of local geological, environmental and technological "Umwelten", forking into a forensic exhibition at Art Laboratory Berlin.

LAN works in the field - at sites along the Panke - and in the lab, punctuating an ongoing exhibition of changing processes and prototypes, examining the interface of data ecologies and the non-human through mapping, measuring and intervening within local and specific energetic transformations, entropic gradients and boundings of matters, materials and cultures.

LAN examines and identifies sites of execution, the places where energetic transformations intersect with human infrastructure and agents of abstraction and logic; intervening within the co-existent realms of algorithmic entities, of the structures and infrastructures of computation, communication with the non-human entities of the earth (mycelium, microbes).

For example, specific devices, developed in the course of collective workshops will examine relations of computation and decay, perhaps logging the growth of lichen and other parasitic fungi/forms on human infrastructures or examining branchy dew formations of radioactive particles. Workshops and devices will equally examine relations of the decay of particles, and the extension of the nuclear/geological within the interiors of plants and bodies.

The first workshop will take place at Art Laboratory Berlin on the 13th October, the second on 10th November. For the 2nd workshop participants should follow the AND operator!

Local Area Network (LAN) forms part of the exhibition Invisible Forces opening at Art Laboratory Berlin on 18 October, 2019.

Photos from 13 Oct:


Supported by the Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur Bezirksamt Mitte and the Bezirkskulturfonds as part of the DIY Hack the Panke program:

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