Saturday, June 01, 2019

Vivian Xu - The Silkworm Project - Vernissage

Exhibition: 01 June - 14 July, 2019, Fri-Sun 2-6PM

Opening: 31 May, 8PM

08 June 2019, 3-6PM: Workshop THE SILKWORM PROJECT with Vivian Xu.
@ Art Laboratory Berlin // Registration necessary (
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30 June 2019, 3PM: Artist Talk with Vivian Xu and Lisa Onaga (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)
@ Art Laboratory Berlin
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04 July 2019: Symposium The Artist-Silkworm Interface: The Agricultural Treatise as Source and Scrutiny for Creating an Artist Book, organised by Lisa Onaga, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin.
Speakers: Vivian Xu, Dagmar Schäfer, Regine Rapp, Anna Grasskamp, Yubin Shen.
@ Harnack House, Ihnestraße 16 – 20 | More information:
Registration necessary by 30 June 2019 (

Vivian Xu is a media artist and researcher based in Shanghai. Her work is situated between bio and electronic media in creating new forms of machine logic, life and sensory systems, and often takes the form of object, installation or wearable.

In The Silkworm Project Vivian Xu explores the possibilities of using silkworms to design a series of hybrid machines capable of producing self-organised 2D and 3D silk structures. Xu wants to understand how far the behaviour of insects can serve as a foundation for technological design. To this end she has developed cybernetic devices based on both biological and computer-controlled logic. In the exhibition a series of interactive machines made of silkworms and electronics will be displayed. The artist-designer works on the creation of self-organised silk structures designed by live silkworms, a posthuman machine.

Art Laboratory Berlin is happy to present Xu’s projects for the first time in Europe.

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In close cooperation with Max Planck Institute for the History of Science


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