Thursday, May 02, 2019

Mind the Fungi: cultivation course at TopLab

27 April - 18 May, 2019
TopLab is hosting a mushroom home-cultivation course in collaboration with Art Laboratory Berlin and the faculty of Applied and Molecular Microbiology (TU Berlin)

In the course, participants learn how to isolate and grow mushrooms for different purposes. They learn to create and shape own mycelium based objects, such as packaging materials, furniture, building materials and even leather. Additionally, they learn how to set up a culture to grow edible mushrooms.

Participants also participate in a mycelium packaging experiment, grow together a mycelium box and ship it per post to test the material's resistance.

Some photos from the first session on 27 April:

All photos by Fara Peluso

While the course is fully booked, we hope a second course will take place later this year

For further details visit TopLab's webpage contact them via email:

The course is part of the Mind the Fungi project of the TU Berlin and Art Laboratory Berlin This course takes part thanks to the hard work of Alessandro Volpato, Tuce Erel and Flavia Barragan from TopLab (Top e.V.) as well as the Mind the Fungi team. More about Mind the Fungi at:

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