Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Theresa Schubert | The forestal psyche

For this project, Theresa Schubert dedicated herself to the potential of slime moulds, mosses and lichens from the forests around Berlin. Slime moulds are the largest known single-celled organisms and live from decaying matter on the forest floor. Certain mosses and lichens are natural remedies as well as indicators of good air quality. Apart from a scientific approach, forests have always been places of myths, legends and fantasies.

Theresa Schubert gave a lecture on the first evening  of the workshop (25 August), which introduced her work and the subject in particular. On the following day (26 August) she led an excursion to the area surrounding Berlin, with the goal of finding organisms in the natural forest habitat, that Schubert has used in her art. Particularly interesting specimens were collected, examined and classified using biotechnological methods.
The use of field microscopes enabled an initial analysis directly on site, making a later artistic evaluation and implementation possible visually and audibly. (More information)

All photos (c) Tim Deussen/ Studio Deussen

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