Monday, February 20, 2017

DIYBio NOW Bio Fair at Art Laboratory Berlin

17 Feb. 7-10PM
18 Feb. 12-8PM
19 Feb. 12-6PM

A DIYBio fair organized by Biotinkering Berlin, the three-day bio-fair brought together players in the Berlin biohacking scene for a series of hands-on workshops, talks and a special exhibition featuring unique DIY laboratory equipment. The bio-fair focuses on the elusiveness of nature, trying to rebuild the lost connection between humans and the oldest organisms on Earth: bacteria, algae and fungi.

The fairs opened on Friday at 7 PM with a series of presentations by Berlin-based biohackers. The program continued on Saturday 12-8PM and Sunday 12-6PM with workshops and talks on topics ranging from 'bioluminescent bacteria' to 'tempeh fermentation' to 'spectrometry' by Jessica Bernds, Rüdiger Trojok and Alessandro Volpato. It included an exhibition of artworks by  Mirela Alistar, Graziele Lautenschlaeger, Fara Peluso and Margherita Pevere and others.

Anthotype workshop by  Graziele Lautenschlaeger

Anthotypes by Graziele Lautenschlaeger

Tempeh fermentation workshop with Rüdiger Trojok

Bio dye workshop with Luci Ajonjoli and Hong Yu

Alessandro Volpato, workshop on spectrometry, with extracted chlorophyll from basil

Margherita Pevere, Artist's book, bacterial cellulose book and jar with culture, 2016-17

DIY Gene Gun by Rüdiger Trojok

Detail of Komucha Sky by Alessandro Volpato
Viva, jewellery with algae by Fara Peluso

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