Thursday, March 07, 2013

Artist talk with Madi Boyd 10 March, 2012 at 3PM
in connection with the exhibition
Synaesthesia / 2: Space and Perception

Madi Boyd
Carrie C Firman

Madi Boyd and  'The Point of Perception'. Photo Courtesy Art Laboratory Berlin
In her artist talk Madi Boyd will discuss her artistic work including "The Point of Perception" from the current exhibition. In addition to the topic of synaesthesia, she will also talk about the importance to neuroscience and other relevant fields in her artistic practice.

'The Point of Perception', installation photo,Photo courtesy of Art Laboratory Berlin

'The Point of Perception'.Photo © by Amin Akhtar

Regine Rapp in the installation 'The Point of Perception'. Photo © by Amin Akhtar

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