Friday, February 01, 2013

Opening of "Synaesthesia/ 2: Space and Perception" with works by Madi Boyd & Carrie C Firman

Madi Boyd "The Point of Perception" 2009/13 (installation view)  
"The Point of Perception" (installation view)
Christian de Lutz and Madi Boyd
ALB Team: Anastasia Shavlokhova, Chiara Cartuccia, Chiara Massari Von Aschenbach and Olga Shmakova
Carrie C Firman and Christian de Lutz

Carrie C Firman "Synexperience" 2010/11 (installation view)
"Synexperience" (installation view)  

"My Synesthetic Library" by Carrie C Firman

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