Friday, November 09, 2012

Art Laboratory Berlin/ Newsletter November 2012

Art Laboratory Berlin is happy to announce the following projects:

The Orange Smell of November @ ALB
As part of the new series Synaesthesia, Art Laboratory Berlin presents the exhibition Synaesthesia/ I: The Orange Smell of November with new works by Barbara Ryan and Annette Stahmer.
27 October – 16 December, 2012, Fri-Sun, 2-6 PM and by appointment (30 November: open until 10 PM)
Last exhibition day 16 December, 2012, 3PM: Artist talk with Annette Stahmer (from 4.30 PM Finissage)

Art Laboratory Berlin at MutaMorphosis
Art Laboratory Berlin will present the series Time & Technology at the international conference MutaMorphosis in Prague (6.-8.12.2012).
Panel led by Regine Rapp (DE) & Christian de Lutz (US)
Gretta Louw (DE/ AUS) | Controlling_Connectivity
Daniel Belasco Rogers (DE/ GB) & Sophia New (DE/ GB) | Narrating Our Lines
Ellen Sebring (US) MIT| Atmosphere: Disorientation in Visual Narrative as a Time Traveler’s Tool
Dr. Yasuhiro Sakamoto (DE/ JP) | Sound Sculptures as Embodiment of Cross-modal Gesamtgestalt

Recommendation for a special event:Interdisciplinary - Discursive - Not Market-Oriented
Highlighting the Special Importance of Independent Project Spaces and Art Initiatives in Berlin
Panel discussion & presentation of the study on Project Spaces in Berlin: Vital but Fragile Heart of the Art Scene by Séverine Marguin
17th November 2012, 7 PM
Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Theatersaal)
John Foster Dulles Allee 10, Berlin Tiergarten

Next Synaesthesia Exhibition: 26.01. - 10.03.2013  Synaesthesia/ II with new works by Carrie Firman and Madi Boyd
Vernissage: 25.01, 8 PM
More information coming soon

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