Friday, August 24, 2012

Time & Technology

Embodiment of Time.
Yasuhiro Sakamoto with Iñigo Giner Miranda
Dave Hebb

Opening: 31 August, 2012 8PM
Exhibition runs: 1 September - 14 October, 2012
Opening hours: Fri - Sun, 2-6 PM and by appointment
Yasuhiro Sakamoto & Iñigo Giner Miranda, String Quartet without Strings for Four Loudspeakers and an Art Machine, 2012 (sketch)

Dave Hebb, Monitor, 2010-12    

Art Laboratory Berlin is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Embodiment of Time, which is part of the series Time & Technology, and opens at the end of August.

The Japanese artist and scholar Yasuhiro Sakamoto and the Spanish composer Iñigo Giner Miranda have developed the installation String Quartet without Strings for Four Loudspeakers and an Art Machine especially for the exhibition. The work transforms the complex time structures of contemporary and classical music into an acoustic-visual model. This sound sculpture interprets the term music in the broadest sense as an organization of time, which not only creates purely tonal material, but also patterns of movement (rolling marbles, turning wheels, pendulums, etc.) and optical patterns (e.g. video), presenting a significant contribution to our understanding of the ever more complex relation we have to time in the 21st century.

The American artist Dave Hebb deals with artifacts of industrial civilization in the form of photography, video and installation. His video installation Monitor, which will be shown at Art Laboratory Berlin, is a video and photographic documentation of an environmental intervention extending over a one year period. Hebb placed a computer monitor outdoors and over the entire year documenting the changes to the environment several times a week. Viewers are challenged to reflect on their individual relationships with nature and technology as well as how technology is effecting our experience of time.

Curated by Regine Rapp and Christian de Lutz

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Senate Office of Cultural Affairs - Berlin

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