Saturday, June 30, 2012

29 June, 7PM
kate hers Transmigration in Artistic Practice.
Screening and Presentation. 

Transmigration in Artistic Practice is a screening and artist presentation of three projects by the Korean-American artist kate hers, whose works in performance, video and other media deal with issues of language and identity.

Missing [7’55”] is a performative autobiographical documentary video which investigates the phenomena of Korean adoptees returning to the land of their birth and addresses the issues of belonging and transnational identity. 

Sex Education for Finding Face in the 21st Century [9’43”] is a provocative performance video made in Korea formed of two different footages. This harsh critique of the Korean society tries to frame the personal in broader politics and questions the status of the young unmarried pregnant women in the country. 

The work Das deutschsprachliche Projekt consists of two parts and deals with learning a new language and living in a foreign country. In the first part, made in 2008 the artist realized a rather extreme durational performance. The second part of the project [13’33”] is an ongoing one year interactive performance. The project tries to explore the notion of cultural identity through language. (more information)

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