Thursday, May 03, 2012

Is the Desert Still the Desert in a Digital World?: online performance with Gretta Louw

6 May, 2012 1 PM

Gretta Louw, whose performance and exhibition Controlling Connectivity started off the current Time & Technology series will set up a live video link up between Art Laboratory Berlin and the Warnayaka Arts centre in Lajamanu, Australia, located in the remote central Australian desert.
Since March Louw has been taking part in a residency in Lajamanu teaching photography, video and new media to indigenous arts workers, as well as introducing them to online communication platforms. The culmination of this first program of new media training will be a real time link-up between Lajamanu and Berlin. 

A live audience in Berlin will view a simultaneous performance streamed out of Lajamanu, captured by a number of webcams and presented as two large-format projections. The event will incorporate an eclectic and innovative mix of traditional dance and storytelling, as well as live VJing of documentation organised by Louw. The event will also provide and encourage the possibility of interaction and exchange between participants in both Berlin and Lajamanu. (more information)

In cooperation with the Warnayaka Art Centre and 

Month of Performance Art Berlin

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