Wednesday, February 22, 2012

plan b

Navigating the Everyday

Tour through he exhibition with the artists: 24 February, 2012 7.30PM
Exhibition runs: 28 January – 11. March, 2012
opening hours: Fr – So, 2-6PM
, on 24 February until 10.30PM!

On Friday 24 February, 2012 the exhibition 'Navigating the Everyday' will be open until 10.30PM. At 7.30PM there will be a tour through the exhibition with the artists Sophia new and Daniel Belasco Rogers (plan b).

Navigating the Everyday
presents works by plan b, the British artist duo Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia New, and is their first solo exhibition in Germany. Since 2003 and 2007 respectively, Daniel and Sophia have been recording every journey they make every day using GPS devices. Additionally all areas of their digital communication (e.g. mobile phone text messages) are evaluated and processed artistically. Their work represents an artistic research by means of a digital archiving of their movements.Over the years this practice has become part of everyday life, a form of private and personal ‘sousveillance’, in which the artists generate their own data, thereby reflecting the approach of those private and public agencies who collect all available data.

Since January 2011, the artists have also recorded their moods in writing three times a day. This mood diary enables them to compare their emotional life with the GPS traces of their movements and collected text messages. Presentation of the act of remembrance, in human and machine form, provides material for the two-channel video installation Narrating Our Lines , shown here in full for the first time. The video installation shows the artists viewing an animation of the GPS traces of their movements from 2007.
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Curated by Regine Rapp and Christian de Lutz

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