Monday, May 02, 2011

Photos from the opening reception for the Artists in Dialog: Al Fadhil & Aissa Deebi
My Dreams Have Destroyed My Life. Some Thoughts on Pain

Aissa Deebi (l) and Al Fadhil (r) talking on skype several minutes before the exhibition opens with a work by Al Fadhil in the background.

ALB co-director Regine Rapp (front right) presenting the exhibition to the visitors.

ALB team member Kerstin Karge (r) and artist Aissa Deebi (m), whose work can be seen on the walls, talking to guests.

ALB team members Oleksandra Gomeniuk (r) and Rola Khayyat (l)

Artist Aissa Deebi (front left),
anthropologist Munira Khayyat (m) and political scientist Heiko Wimmen (r)

ALB co-director Christian de Lutz (front left) and Regine Rapp (back center) talking with guests.

Visitors enjoying the show:

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