Monday, May 24, 2010

Art Laboratory Berlin is pleased to invite you to the exhibition 2-1/4-n/2 x 21/4-n/2 by the Danish conceptual artists Heidi Hove and Jens Axel Beck – the first exhibition in our new series Artists in Dialog.

Each exhibition in Artists in Dialog will take the form of a discursive examination between two artists, whose work has a common point of contact (e.g. in aesthetics, theme or process). The exhibition will be based around each artist interacting with the other's artistic position. It is our intention that their artworks come together not through a series of traditional curatorial (and hierarchical) decisions, but that the artists, working together, find a specific form of display for their own and each other's works. Thus, this form of exhibition as dialog will present an additional phenomenon: both artists will take part intensively in the curatorial aspect of the project, breaking down traditional barriers between artistic and curatorial production.

The exhibition title 2-1/4-n/2 x 21/4-n/2 is the formula for calculating the dimensions of the paper sizes in the ISO A series. At Art Laboratory Berlin the A4 will be the basic element for building up the exhibition. Literally speaking, the exhibition space will take form as a laboratory and office setting, where the artists will gather material and information from the Internet. Different materials will be printed out and copied on A4 paper. Both artists will go through each other's pile of papers and choose material for presentation. Their working progress will begin in the week before the opening (28 May) and continue in the days thereafter.
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