Friday, November 27, 2009

Vernissage of
Creative Rights - On Appropriation, Copyright and Copyleft

repetitions-revolutions-rituals by Azin Feizabadi

The Copyright Piece by Christian de Lutz

David Hammons. The Unauthorized Retrospective by Triple Candie

Planed (right) by Gilbert & George

Farkhondeh in front of Azin Feizabadi's work

The Creative Rights Library

Patrick Cariou vs Richard Prince from The Creative Rights Library

Creative Rights. On Appropriation, Copyright and Copyleft investigates questions concerning the use, re-use and misuse of images and information in the contemporary art world from artistic, legal, political and philosophical viewpoints.

Since the late 1970s appropriation of images and information by such artists as Sherrie Levine and Richard Prince has become a common and accepted technique, part and parcel of postmodernism's critical approach. Indeed it follows a tradition that goes back through pop art and nouveau realisme to Dada and cubist collage. Not without ethical, aesthetic and legal controversy, a number of law cases involving appropriation seems to have increased in recent years involving artists such as Jeff Koons, Richard Prince and Shepard Fairey

The exhibition Creative Rights consists of three parts: The exhibition with four artistic positions, the Creative Rights Library with extensive material on the presented artists and other recent law cases as well as a workshop on the theme of copyright.

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