Sunday, August 30, 2009

Artists in Dialog

Alex Toland: Personal Dispersal Mechanisms.
An Interactive Urban Exploration.

Sunday, August 30, 2009,

gallery installation

interactive urban exploration

urban plants are 'adopted' by participants

a polaroid of human and plant is taken

back at Art Laboratory Berlin

Natural distribution mechanisms of plant species are often severely obstructed in the city. Tree sponsorship is a popular and effective way of re-greening city parks and streets. Individual sponsors become personally linked to individual trees while beautifying the neighborhood and creating new habitats for birds, mammals and insects.

Artist Alex Toland takes this idea a step further by creating species partnerships for a day and encouraging personal interspecies relationships as a potential distribution mechanism. As part of the series Artists in Dialog at ART LABORATORY BERLIN the artist will realize a collaborative walk and installation project by leading a group of Berlin residents through part of the green corridor along the Panke and make personal introductions between individual people and plants. (more information)

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