Friday, November 28, 2008

29.11.2008 - 04.01.2009
Curators from East and Central Europe III:
Mari Laanemets
Hier wäre das Leben leicht
(There, Life Would Be Easy)

Opening: Friday 28.11.2008, 8PM
Hours: Sat. and Sun. 2 - 6PM;
closed 27.12 and 28.12.2008

Hier wäre das Leben leicht (There, life would be easy) The exhibition revolves around issues of design, of the construction of surfaces we are surrounded by in everyday life: from textiles to texts, to street and city. One of the underlying intentions of the exhibition is to reflect on how these formal constructions organize our behaviour, give our lives a scheme, a program, and on the sedimentation of ideology in forms.
Participating artists:
Kadi Estland, Anton Koovit, Sirje Runge, Killu Sukmit, Tere Recarens and Florian Wüst.(more)

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