Friday, May 30, 2008

Art and Science II
Marcus Ahlers -Transposed Nodes

21.06.2008 - Children's workshop: SOLAR-ÖFEN
Zum kreativen Umgang mit Sonnenenergie
(SOLAR OVENS Working creatively with solar Energy)

30.05.2008 - 29.06.2008
Art and Science II
Marcus Ahlers
- Transposed Nodes

Opening: 30 May, 2008, 8PM
Artists' talk: 14.06.2008,
5 PM Tour of the Exhibition: 20.06.2008. 3PM

The artworks of Marcus Ahlers (born 1974) functions on the borderline of visual arts and science. On one hand they explore visual metaphors for the human body in its surroundings, making reference to social and architectural space. On the other hand they are receptacles for electro-chemical reactions, which take place within them. (more)

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